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The Louisiana Pesticide Applicators Association (LPAA) was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 1972. The organization was founded for the purpose of improving the standards of the pesticide application profession by bringing together members of the weed control and horticultural trade industries. The primary objective was to promote good will, safe and ethical practices among its members, and to promote an exchange of ideas among all members of the association. In addition, the organization when called upon advises and co-operates with legislative and regulatory bodies in support of legislation and regulations relating to pesticides needed to improve and protect environmental quality.

 Although the objectives and goals remain the same, with the passage of time, the LPAA has evolved into a Vegetation Management Association. Using a combination of mechanical and chemical methods, the primary focus of the LPAA membership is non-agricultural vegetation control. Some of the sites include, but are not limited to; utility and pipeline rights of way, roadside rights of way, aquatic sites, and urban and municipal locations. For this reason, the members of the 2009 Officers and Board of Directors, with the approval of their advisors, voted unanimously to change the name to the Louisiana Vegetation Management Association. On February 2, 2010 during the business meeting portion of the annual recertification conference, the general membership voted in favor of the name change to the Louisiana Vegetation Management Association (LAVMA).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Rick Bayhi, Executive Director

LSU AgCenter
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Research Biologist

Kim P.Brown
Pesticide Safety Coordinator

Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries
Daniel Hill
Aquatic Plant Control Biologist

Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development
Ryan Duhon
State Roadside Coordinator

Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry
 Kevin Wofford
Pesticide Certification & Training