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Individuals wishing to become certified commercial applicators are required to take a series of exams administered by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture. The first mandatory exam is the General Standards exam. In addition, if a person will be spraying roadside or utility rights of way, the Right of Way exam must be taken. If aquatic areas such as water impoundments, drainage, or irrigation canal are to be sprayed, an aquatic’s license is required and the Aquatic exam must be taken. There is no charge to take the general standards test. The cost for the Aquatic and ROW exams is $25.00 each when taken at the Baton Rouge home office. The cost of each exam, when taken at a district office away from Baton Rouge, is $50 each and is payable to the LA Department of Agriculture and Forestry. The study guides for all of these exams can be ordered through the LSU AgCenter. (225) 578-5920. To order them online, please click on the following websites:

LDAF Testing Sites

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry requires individuals that wish to take the applicators exams to go to one of the seven district offices in Louisiana to take the exam(s). Listed below are the locations and contact information where the test are given. 

If taking exams at any office other than Baton Rouge, you must pre-pay your exam fee of $50 per exam and make an appointment approximately two weeks from the date you wish to take the test. 

There is no fee to take the general standard test. If you wish to take the exams in Baton Rouge, the exam fee is only $25 each, and no appointment is necessary. For your convenience, site locations and phone numbers are listed below:

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