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Exam Information

Individuals wishing to become certified commercial applicators are required to take a series of exams administered by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

  • The first mandatory exam is the General Standards. There is no charge to take this exam.
  • If a person will be spraying roadside or utility rights of way, they will also need to take the Right of Way exam. The cost of this exam is $50.
  • If aquatic areas such as water impoundments, drainage, or irrigation canals are to be sprayed, an aquatic’s license is required, and the Aquatic exam must be taken. The cost of this exam is $50.

The cost of each exam is the same price whether you take the exam at the Baton Rouge home office or at a district office away from Baton Rouge.

Payment for the exam(s) should be made payable to: LA Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Order Study Guides

The study guides for all of these exams can be ordered through the LSU AgCenter. (225) 578-5920.

Payment for the study guides should be made payable to: LSU AgCenter.

Order them online by clicking the link(s) below: